XMC0 Contactors Are UL A2L Compliant

ZETTLER Controls remains committed to providing safe and high-quality products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. We are proud to announce our popular XMC0 contactor series has been rigorously tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet the stringent safety standards of UL 60335-2-40. This certification ensures that ZETTLER contactors are safe for use in systems employing A2L flammable refrigerants such as R-32/ or R-410A.  The LZGH2/8 certification from UL is another demonstration of our ongoing goals to maintain reliability and compliance of HVAC and refrigeration solutions, giving end-users confidence when using ZETTLER products.

A2L refrigerants have gained prominence due to their low global warming potential (GWP) and are environmentally friendly alternatives to high-GWP refrigerants. A2L refrigerants exhibit remarkably reduced environmental impact while maintaining high-performance levels. The move to A2L refrigerants positively contributes to sustainability initiatives and carbon footprint reduction targets, aligning organizations with modern environmental regulations and ensuring a cleaner future.

ZETTLER Controls is continuing to invest in additional A2L compliant components and will soon offer its popular chassis mount, plug-in, and motor start electromechanical relays with the same LZGH2/8 certifications.

ZETTLER Controls XMC0-633-EDW

ZETTLER Controls Line of Temperature Sensing Thermistors.

ZETTLER Controls is pleased to announce our continued advancement of our highly featured line of thermistors.

NTS Defrost Control Thermistor Sensors (NTS DCT sensors) and NTS Ambient Air Thermistor Sensors (NTS AAT sensors) are suitable for residential and commercial HVAC/R applications and are built at our IS09001 manufacturing facility. Our team of engineers are ready to take on the toughest application challenges and work on a solution that best fits your needs. Once in production our customer service team of experienced professionals will ensure your project stays on time and that we deliver a high-quality component solution well suited for your end product.

NTS Defrost Control Thermistor NTS Ambient Air Thermistor Sensors

Combined with our extensive line of UL approved bi-metal thermostats and related temperature sensing products allows customers to rely on ZETTLER Controls as their source for temperature sensing products. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your company.