UEB1-70 Miniature Circuit Breaker

Zettler Controls is proud to present a new product in its diverse offering of industrial controls, the UEB1-70 Miniature Circuit Breaker. The UEB1-70 is a miniature molded case circuit breaker exclusively designed for use in residential and commercial applications. It provides excellent over-current protection and control of on/off operation in AC electrical systems. It has a voltage rating of up to 240VAC at 50Hz/60Hz and can handle current up to 60 Amps. The UEB1-70 Series of Miniature Circuit Breakers is UL approved and offers a variety of circuit breakers rated from 5 amps up to 60 amps. Available in one, two or three pole configurations.


  • New terminal design to allow multiple quick connect terminations
  • Removable metal brackets allow the breaker to be flush mounted, surface mounted, or totally removed for din rail mounting.
  • Mechanical switch for manual circuit disconnection
  • On/Off display indicator
  • Performance unaffected by position mounting
  • UL 489

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