Product Announcement: AHRV Class 2 Transformers

Zettler Controls Introduces New, Wider Range of Class II Chassis-Mount Transformers

In an ongoing effort to increase competitiveness in the Class II, chassis-count transformer market, Zettler Controls is pleased to announce the introduction of the AHRV series. The AHRV series is a significant complement to the existing AHR series in that a much wider range of VA ratings and product features will now be available to Zettler Controls customers.
The AHRV series offers power rating from 20-100 VA, input voltage range from 115-480 VAC, and output voltage range from 2.5-24 VAC. Among other features are: a “bell housing” style case; inline fuse; external resettable circuit breaker; multi-tap secondaries; and various termination styles. The AHRV is ideal for lighting, HVAC, food equipment, and panel building applications. In addition, manufacturers of motor controls will appreciate the diversity of Zettler’s new product offerings.
The AHRV is well-positioned to launch into the competitive Class II transformer market, and Zettler Controls is committed to offering the very best product to suit the needs of the most demanding customer!


  • CURus / CE approvals UL 1885 Class Ii types
  • Chassis mount
  • Bell-housing styles
  • Multi-tab outputs
  • Inline fuses and circuit breaker protection
  • VA ratings: 20-100

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XMC0 25 – 90 Amp – Definite Purpose Contactors

Zettler Controls extends their line of HVAC/R definite purpose contactors with UL approved 25-90 Amp versions. The XMC0 25-90 Amp contactors are able to switch heavy loads in applications such as elevators, cranes, hoists as well as typical HVAC/R products.

The XMC0 Series of high performance definite purpose contactors offers UL rated contacts of 25 through 90 Full Load Amps, up to 600V and coils rated Class F. The XMC0 contactors are built and tested to meet the ARI780/790 standard for industrial applications.


  • Various termination options for specific application needs
  • Universal mounting plate for easy replacement
  • Convenient non-position sensitive mounting
  • Heavy-duty contacts ensure long electrical life
  • 155 C, Class F coils available with a wide range of voltages at 50/60 Hz
  • AUX contacts and micro switch offerings available
  • EE lamination provides optimal performance while reducing power consumption
  • Effective dust-proof construction
  • SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating) 100kA, 600V
  • UL, CUR File E222994

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Transformer XMC0 series
Part Description Definite Purpose Contactor
Features/Benefits 1, 2 and 3 Poles and 1 pole + shunt
25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90 FLA
Universal Mounting Plate
Variety of Termination Options
Variety of AUX contracts and micro switches available
Standard and Compact forms
Applications Air conditioning, refrigeration, heating,
lighting, pools/spas, elevators, cranes, hoists
power supplies, vending machines
Availability Sample quantity available
Production 10 weeks
Price Contact sales associate
Cross Reference Arrow Hart: C30, C20, ACC
Cutler Hammer: C25
Furnas (Siemens): 42A, 45E
General Electric: CR453
Hartland Controls: HCC
Motors and Armatures: 131xx, 6xxxx
Square D: 8910DP
Tyco: 3100